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St. Michaels In Bloom is a newly formed community organization dedicated to the beautification of St. Michaels. Consisting solely of volunteers, St. Michaels in Bloom works to create a welcoming and vibrant landscape for our town through the planting colorful flowers, plants and trees throughout our business and community districts.


Part of the national organization, America in Bloom, whose vision is to have localities across the US participate in community beautification projects, the goal of St. Michaels in Bloom is to see our community bloom in many ways.

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Third Annual

Daffodil Days!

March 28, 2020!

The 2020 Daffodil Days (formerly Daffodil Festival, is a celebration of over 25,000 daffodils throughout the town in 2017 and over 50,000 since then! Fabulous festivities are designed to encourage visitors and to benefit residents and businesses alike. St. Michaels Community groups, merchants, and residents are encouraged to show support through the display of daffodils and through participation in our Daffodil Festival Events.

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As our organization grows, it is the vision of St. Michaels in Bloom to encourage and benefit our local community through education, community sharing, volunteering, beautification, and friendship.  We encourage your support and participation in our efforts so our community will continue to bloom!